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Post  Yhuzan on Wed May 05, 2010 8:27 pm

Credits are a universal currency that hold their value almost no matter what due to a International Trade Agreement. [almost] All governments widely accept them and can be used to purchase just about anything with few exceptions where either local or special currency is required.

How To Get Credits

Transporting/trading goods is a very common way of building up credits. Upon delivery or reaching your destination you can verify with the Guild and receive your payment.

Personnel Transportation- ferrying or escorting individuals or troops for private parties or governments is a quick and easy way to get money. Upon reaching the destination you can verify with the individual or the perspective government and receive your payment.

Quests/Missions- If you're interested in acquiring a large lump of credits for one tasks, you can inquire with a government or a guild if they have any tasks they have. Upon completion you can verify with the perspective party and receive your payment.

There are other ways, such as defeating creeps. Every so often in your travels you will encounter creeps, which are unaligned creatures or people that are hostile towards you. Killing certain types gives money, and in some instances items.

Where Does The Payment Come From?

Each guild is an establishment managed by admins and moderators. Moderators check on completions of tasks and contracts and bring it to the attention of admins. Admins then add credits to your account.

What Can I Do With Them?

In the main section of the Economy forum there is a market that holds basic items. Each continent also offers special items, which are available only there or are better than the basic items. You can buy many, many items, some decreasing your travel time and others increasing your combat capabilities, while others are just aesthetics and superficialities. You can also buy common goods and sell them to other markets in each country.

You can also buy vehicles, mounts, ships, planes, etc.

Using Them

When you 'buy' something, a short RP post is required. Through the small post you are to, through role playing, say which item you want from the provided list.

Ex: "J walks into the small gun shop and inquires about a small pistol. '.38 caliber,' says the old keeper. 'I''ll take it,' J says and hands the keeper the amount on the price tag."

After that I, or an Admin, will see the post and deduce the amount of money from your character and add the item to your inventory.


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