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Post  Yhuzan on Fri May 07, 2010 6:50 pm

The 3 continents make up the only noticeable land masses of the planet.

The distance between the Western and Eastern continents are roughly 1,000 miles, and at this scale means that the western continent is about 1,500 miles wide while the Northern is about 2,000 and the Eastern is roughly 1,200 (and most of the islands a few hundred). The distance between the nearest coasts of the North and Western continents is roughly 500 miles, and from the Northern to Eastern continent's coasts is about 750 miles.

Travel time, by foot (for most species) is about 3 miles per hour. Every 24 hours of nonstop walking would cover 72 miles, roughly the distance between major (planned to be marked on the map) cities, and about 21 days to cross the Western continent.

Due to this ridiculous (for a RP) travel time, mounts are allowed. Mounts can be anything from bicycles to hover-boards to giant lizards or even just plain old horses. Or maybe a car. Services, located at ports on the coasts or inland of continents, offer transportation to different specific locations by plane or boat.

For 'mounts', which are considered items to be added to the inventory, their type, speed (average), and value will be listed in their item details.

Some mounts are, however, capable of inter-continental travel (making them more expensive, however).


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